The  Association  of  Chemistry  Teachers  was  launched  in  2000  to  serve  as  an  apex  national body of  chemistry  educators  to  promote  excellence  in  chemistry  education.  The idea of formulating ACT was conceptualised by Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (TIFR) Mumbai. The  Association  brings  together  on  a  common  platform  higher  secondary  school  teachers,  college  and  university  lecturers, professors,  scientists  and  researchers  from  industry  for  organizing  subject  related  activities.  Since  its inception,  ACT  has  worked  tirelessly  to  strengthen  chemistry  education  in  India  and  to  motivate students  to  pursue  chemistry  as  a  career.
COWCE-21 for MSc. (Chemistry) Students - Flyer
COWCE-21 for MSc. (Chemistry) Students - Brochure
(International Conference On Modern Trends In Chemical Sciences Including Green Chemistry)
- NCCT 2020 - Poster
- NCCT 2020 - Programme
- NCCT 2020 - Link
- Notice of ECM
- Minutes of ECM-2 of 2019-2020 held on Nov 29,2020
- Secretray's Report of ACT activities during Nov 2020-March 2021